Steel Structures

By combining Finnish design with Chinese detailing and their massive production capacity, we can meet our customer’s needs with a high quality and competitive concept for steel projects of any size. Our partners’ production facilities are certified according to EN1090-1 (EXV1-EXC3) and EN1090-2 standards, so we are at the forefront of the European product family. Through our local co-operation, we offer a direct line for our customers to the emerging Asian markets.

Heavy steel structures

Our co-operation with a Chinese workshop started back in 2007. Since then, we have delivered complex steel structures all over the world. The production capacity of the factory is around 250,000 tonnes of steel per year. Since we started working together, we have created a fully-functioning concept combining their massive production capacity and speed with European project management practice. The effort and its results are proved by our increasing numbers of new orders and customers.
In detail designing we use the popular Tekla software. This system makes it possible for different designers and engineers involved in the project to communicate with each other quickly and clearly around the world.
Whether you need welded or rolled products, we can meet your demands and expectations. The larger the piece you want to make, the more competitive we are.
Surface treatment conditions for steel structures are modern and for painting we exclusively use European products.
The first storage building delivered by Grate for the “Cristal Global” project in Saudi Arabia. The project consists of 3,500 tonnes of structural steel and 35,000 square metres of wall and roof plating.

Light steel structures

Grate Finland’s story began with steel gratings and stairs. However, our intention right from the start was to provide the supporting steel frame for the stairs and gratings. This goal has already been achieved.
The lead principle for our light steel structures business is that we do not transport air, and that all possible installation steps are performed at the workshop. Since the detail design is also carried out at the workshop, the co-operation between production and design is smooth and accurate. Our customers are, to mention a few steel processing companies and the oil – and process industry.
A 23-metre high steel staircase ready to be shipped to an oil refinery in Porvoo, Finland.