Our company

Sysi Ltd. is owner driven Finnish company that offers solutions for mines, steel mills, harbors and larger power plants. Our operations start form single component deliveries. Larger projects we have executed for process equipment mainly in the steel industry.
Our staff commits to projects from beginning to the end with international experience and DSCF2001 targeted engineering education. We will examine your needs, make an offer and handle to project from engineering to start-up. Typically we visit your site after the start-up just to check that everything works the way it should.
We have plenty of standard solutions but are addicted in finding more effective ones. Easy tasks can be done by any but when real commitment is needed and sharp expertise, you should call us.
The cornerstone of our business is to improve our customers operations. Pure decrease on purchasing costs is usually a shortcut to operating cost growth. We take this way of solving challenges with a certain reservation but of course take your case. Because every material acts differently, conditions are variable and customer processes differ, we want to inspect your needs and find the perfect solutions for your company. The smartest solution is safe, effective and return period on investment is less than one year.
Our market is greatly in Finland but certain projects and technical support is with Australian and Chilean companions also. Manufacturing partners are mostly European, but with certain products China is the only right place to make things economically.
Options are many and challenges are accepted 7 days a week. Contact us and let us turn the machines on.