With material handling systems, every application is unique and one-size-fits-all solutions are non-existent. For this reason the application will define the solution.
The contact network behind Sysi Ltd. is extensive and the ability to produce new solutions is our everyday work. If there is a dysfunction we will find a solution.


Cleaners from Schulte Strathaus, have been changed in several manufacturing plants to all the conveyors. These cleaners are very efficient but still gentle to the belt as well as well operating even in varied weather conditions. Cleaners are easy and fast to change during maintenance.

Skirtboard sealing

Efficient and adjustable skritboard sealing, that has life expectancy in moths, will cut down maintenance costs as well as cleaning costs in a matter of weeks.

Belt trackers

Belt tracking requires skill and proper tools. TBK’s carry and return belt will adjust any belt to its right track. Lighter solutions can be found for smaller belts and for making them run straight.

Conveyor rollers

We can supply light traditional rollers as well as specialized and heavy duty rollers. Steel rollers, rubber coated, disc coated and HDPE rollers. Application oriented measures will find the wanted results and increased change interval.

Conveyor pulleys

Conveyer pulleys are dimensioned according to the conveyor and coated with suitable surface material. There are real quality differences in rubber and ceramics. We will find the most cost efficient coatings for your purpose.

Wear blocks

Manganese- and chrome concentrated cast iron can be used in several locations to prevent wear. Choosing the right blocks for the right location will make a visible difference on the wear. Solutions for mill linings are investigated together with the customer’s experiences from the past and wishes for the future.

Dust reduction

Dust reduction starts from measuring the hood of the dust producing target. Next, the amount of accumulated dust is identified and the place where we want to harvest it. Whether it is the material flow the dust is wanted or a separate container, Sysi will find a way.

Screens and feeders

With screens and feeders we work side by side with Danish Skako as well as with screening media manufacturers. From 30 m2 screens to feeders and grizzlies. Sysi will deliver. In screen materials, steel screens are handled professionally by Saranco Ltd. Rubber and polyurethane screens are diverse and we design suitable size and material for you if needed.