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SYSI Acquires Urajärven Metalli OY


On 21.6.2021 an acquisition was completed and Sysi Oy has bought all shares of Urajärven Metalli Oy.

Urajärven Metalli Oy has over 30 years of strong experience in machine building and Sysi Oy has during the past 10 years grown to be a strong solution provider to the mining industry.

Delivery punctuality, high quality and the constant need to develop both products and processes has always been the key driving force of both companies. The acquisition enables Sysi to increase the “Made in Finland” portion of the production and to serve the customer’s of Urajärven Metalli in a better way. In addition, there is a good expansion on the technological know how to both companies.

The operative management will continue as before. The companies will together offer their customer base a wider product and skill set in the field of both products and services as well to enforce each others skills on new areas.

Further information is gladly given by

Tomi Savolainen                                                                             
Managing Director                                                                           
Urajärven Metalli OY                                                                    
358 50 326 0831                                                               

Petteri Viinanen
Managing Director                                                                          
Sysi Oy
+358 40 585 5485


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