Our men at Sysi Ltd. are addicted to solutions. We eagerlyDSCN0371 accept new challenges and drill in to projects with the intensity they deserve.
Long experience from operation and maintenance organizations give us indication on finding the possible causes rapidly and directing our functions to right solutions. Modern day light organizations rarely have the resources to investigate on development opportunities. Summing the solution-addicted Sysi’s men for the job will be smart and cost-efficient.
Typical challenges with material handling are that there are a limited amount of options available and that solutions providers’ usually are committed to certain components. Sysi Ltd. has kept and will keep all options open when it comes to solutions management to ensure successful outcome and future for the company.
Basis of our business is to ensure free research on finding a solution for our key customers. The solution needs to be good enough that the customer will buy it from us.

Wear prevention

In material handling, wear can be reduced with material choices as well as with maintaining the material flow. With the right combination, operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Feeding point optimization

The largest cost and sorrow provider in material handling is normally the material feeding. The lacking knowledge in engineering too often results in harmful wear and dusting as well as belt mistracking.

Dust reduction

Dust reduction is a good thing. Better would be to decrease the amount of accumulating dust all together. First we have to examine, how we can minimize the amount of dust and then we need to find a solution how we harvest the dust and bind it.

Spillage reduction

The proper cleaners and correctly designed feeding point makes the spillage cleaning party obsolete and roller exchange times further apart.

Metal separation

Metal separation with belt magnets is at the end very simple. From a thin enough material mattress the wanted metals can be separated by using a suitable magnet. Simple but true….or is it so simple?

Belt tracking

The belt tracker is rarely needed, if the conveyor is well designed and kept. Unfortunately the reality usually differs from this. This is why you

Condition reports

Conditions control and maintenance during manufacturing process is part of everyday work but have you considered the possible ways your company could reduce operating costs and add reliability? Sysi Ltd. has an answer for you.